A Tribute to Jeffrey Hunter

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Jeffrey Hunter portrayed Christ in this classic film
Jeffrey Hunter co-starred with John Wayne in this popular John Ford film
Jeffrey Hunter portrayed Captain Christopher Pike in the early days of Star Trek

"Andrew's Raiders", broadcast in two parts in 1961 on the "Disneyland" program, was taken from Jeff's film The Great Locomotive Chase, released by Disney in 1956.


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27 May 1953 "This Is Your Life" playing "Himself" in episode: "Hanna Bloch Kohner" 18 October 1963 "Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre" playing "Gabe Flanders" in episode: "Seven Miles of Bad Road" (episode #1.3)

5 February 1955 "The George Gobel Show" playing "Himself".  Jeff's appearance can be viewed in its entirety on the Video Clips page, under TV Clips. 27 November 1964 "Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre" playing "Barry Stinson" in episode: "Parties to the Crime" (episode #2.7)
3 March 1955 "Climax!" playing "Wesley Jerome Penn" in episode: "South of the Sun" (episode #1.17) 10 June 1965 "Kraft Suspense Theater" playing "Fred Girard" in episode: "The Trains of Silence" (episode #2.28)
30 May 1956 "Disneyland" playing "Himself" in episode: "Behind the Scenes with Fess Parker" (episode #2.26) 16 September 1965 "THE F.B.I." playing "Francis Jerome" in episode: "The Monster" (episode # 1.1)
30 May 1956 "The 20th Century-Fox Hour" playing "Dick Cannock" in episode: "The Empty Room" (episode #1.17) 1966 "Star Trek" playing "Captain Christopher Pike" in the series' first pilot, "The Cage". In its original pilot form, this program did not air on TV until the late 1980's.
12 December 1957 "Climax!" playing "Phil Aubry" in episode: "Hurricane Diane" (episode #4.10) 25 April 1966 "The Legend of Jesse James" playing "Jeremy Thrallkill" in episode: "A Field of Wild Flowers" (episode #1.32)
9 November 1958 "You Asked for It" playing "Himself" 17 November 1966 "Star Trek" playing "Captain Christopher Pike" in episode: "The Menagerie: Part 1" (episode #1.11)
19 November 1958 "Pursuit" playing "Lt. Aaron Gibbs" in episode: "Kiss Me Again, Stranger" 24 November 1966 "Star Trek" playing "Captain Christopher Pike" in episode: "The Menagerie: Part 2" (episode #1.12)
24 January 1960 "Our American Heritage" playing "John Charles Fremont" in episode: "Destiny, West!" 1 December 1966 "Daniel Boone" playing "Roark Logan" in episode: "Requiem for Craw Green" (episode #3.11)
7 May 1961 "Disneyland" playing "William A. Fuller" in episode: "Andrews' Raiders: Part 1" 1966 "Journey Into Fear" playing Dr. Howard Graham. 1966-1967  NBC Pilot that didn't sell.
14 May 1961 "Disneyland" playing "William A. Fuller" in episode: "Andrews' Raiders: Part 2" 16 December 1966 "The Green Hornet" playing "Emmet Crown" in episode: "Freeway to Death" (episode #1.14)
25 October 1961 "Checkmate" playing "Edward 'Jocko' Townsend" in episode: "Waiting for Jocko" (episode #2.4) 15 February 1967 "The Monroes" playing "Ed Stanley" in episode: "Wild Bull" (episode #1.22)
29 August 1962 "Here's Hollywood" playing "Himself" 1 May 1968 "Insight" playing "James Smith" in episode: "Madam"
27 September 1962 "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" playing "Harold" in episode: "Don't Look Behind You" (episode #1.2) 3 November 1968 "The F.B.I." playing "Ralph Gordon Stuart" in episode: "The Enemies" (episode #4.6)
3 October 1962 "Death Valley Days" playing "Captain Walter Reed, M.D" in episode: "Suzie" (episode #11.3) 1 January 1969 "Insight" playing "Ken" in episode: "The Poker Game"
16 October 1962 "Combat!" playing "Sgt. John Dane" in episode: "Lost Sheep, Lost Shepherd" (episode #1.3) 18 January 1969 "Oh My Word" playing "Himself"
19 September 1963 to 2 April 1964 "Temple Houston", playing the title role. Aired for 26 episodes. 15 May 2000 "E! Mysteries & Scandals" playing "Himself" (archive footage) in episode: "Jeffrey Hunter".
To view a brief video from this program, posted on the program editor's website:  click here, scroll down until you see the heading "Mysteries & Scandals", then click on its "Watch" link.



(Himself; Episode: "Hanna Bloch Kohner") Jeff was the "decoy" on this show;  his friend Hanna thought that he was the special guest, unbeknownst to him. As it turns out, she was the special guest, unbeknownst to her!

Jeff's brief appearance at the beginning of the show can be viewed on the Video Clips page.


(Wesley Jerome Penn; Episode: "South of the Sun") Based on the John D. MacDonald novel "The Damned". No further plot details are available for this episode. Co-starred Edward Arnold, Thomas Gomez, and Margaret O'Brien.



(Information and photos added on 1/31/2016)

(Dick Cannock; Episode: "The Empty Room")  Carey Rydal, a young Englishwoman (Audrey Dalton), struggles to deal with the unexpected return of her mother (Virginia Field), who had divorced her father (Patric Knowles) and disappeared when Carey was very young.  Jeff portrayed Carey's American fiance.  Co-starred  Evelyn Ankers and Eleanor Audley.

This program can be viewed in its entirety on the Video Clips page.



(Information and photos added on 1/31/2016)

(Lt. Aaron Gibbs; Episode: "Kiss Me Again, Stranger") For plot details, read this wonderful magazine article about the episode.  Co-starred Margaret O'Brien.



(John Charles Fremont; Episode: "Destiny, West!") John Charles Fremont, and explorer of the U.S. West, woos the daughter of Senator Benton, and leads a very dangerous expedition over the Rockies into California. Co-starred Susan Stasberg and James Daly.  (All photos except for the first one were added on 3/26/2016.)



(Edward 'Jocko' Townsend; Episode: "Waiting for Jocko") One night, Jocko Townsend visits Carl Hyatt (Sebastian Cabot) with revenge on his mind. Also co-starred "Checkmate" regulars Doug McClure and Anthony George.

This program can be viewed in its entirety on the Video Clips page.



(Harold; Episode: "Don't Look Behind You") Someone is attacking women in a wooded area, in a small college town. Could one of the faculty members be the attacker? Co-starred Vera Miles, Dick Sargent, and Alf Kjellin.



(Captain Walter Reed, M.D.; Episode: "Suzie") After saving an injured half-breed child from the scene where her parents were killed by Indians, Capt. Walter Reed, M.D., and his wife Emilie (Aneta Corsaut) take heroic measures to protect the child, Suzie, from her maternal grandfather, an Indian chief whom they believe wishes to kill her.  Co-starred Lenice Heywood, Frank DeKova, and Perry Cook.



(Gabe Flanders; Episode: "Seven Miles of Bad Road")  Here comes trouble...in a small southern town, the sheriff (Neville Brand) learns that his wife Fern (Eleanor Parker) is attracted to handsome Gabe Flanders, a hitchhiker passing through town on his way to California. Also co-starred James Anderson.

This program can be viewed in its entirety on the Video Clips page.

Left photo added on 2/28/2014.

Right Photo: On the set, with Bob Hope and Eleanor Parker

(Barry Stinson; Episode: "Parties to the Crime")  Sister Margaret (Sally Kellerman) is a nun whose religious zeal blinds her to the intentions of Stinson, an innocent-looking ex-convict planning to rob the seminary post office.  Nancy Kovack and Darren McGavin co-star.

This program can be viewed in its entirety on the Video Clips page.

Left: With Darren McGavin and Nancy Kovack.

Right: With Ms. Kovack



(Fred Girard; Episode: "The Trains of Silence") Jeff plays a businessman who hopes to discuss a possible business venture with his wealthy old friend, Wolfe Hastings (Lloyd Bochner); however, he encounters a series of surprising and increasingly ominous obstacles when he tries to visit Hastings. Tippi Hedren, Lloyd Bochner, and Warren Stevens co-star.

This program can be viewed in its entirety on the Video Clips page.

Photo on far left was added on 2/28/2014.

Far left: With Tippi Hedren and Lloyd Bochner


(Francis Jerome; Episode: "The Monster") In this episode, the first episode of "The F.B.I." ever aired, Jeff portrays a psychopath who murders young women with beautiful long hair. In addition to the usual stars of "The F.B.I.," such as Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. and Philip Abbott, this episode co-starred Dina Merrill, Estelle Winwood, and Julie Parrish.

Far left: With Dina Merrill and Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

Near left: With Ms. Merrill


Read "JOURNEY INTO FEAR:  A lost Eric Ambler story," a previously-unpublished article by our friend Glenn Mosley, which tells the story behind the unsold series and the pilot for "Journey Into Fear."

"Journey into Fear" was an unsold pilot for NBC-TV for the 1966-67 season. It was planned as a one-hour Mission: Impossible-style series with Jeffrey Hunter in the lead role. The pilot was written by Eric Ambler, and produced by Joan Harrison ("Alfred Hitchcock Presents") and Howie Horwitz ("Batman," "The Green Hornet").

When the "Journey into Fear" pilot didn't sell, Horwitz cast Hunter as a villain on an episode of "The Green Hornet" ("Freeway to Death", which aired in December, 1966).

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In their only known joint TV appearance, Jeff and future wife Emily McLaughlin were celebrity contestants on the game show "Oh My Word" in January, 1969. They had met only a few weeks earlier, and were married weeks later, in early February.
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