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Jeffrey Hunter portrayed Christ in this classic film
Jeffrey Hunter co-starred with John Wayne in this popular John Ford film
Jeffrey Hunter portrayed Captain Christopher Pike in the early days of Star Trek

Jeff competed with several other actors, including the young Peter Fonda, for the role of Lt. John F. Kennedy in the film PT 109, released in 1963. Cliff Robertson won the role.


Many of the DVD titles are in print, though a few are harder to find.  Even though all of the VHS titles listed on this page are out of print, it is fairly easy to find most of them, as well as any DVD titles that go out of print; these are often available for sale on Amazon.com or eBay. Bootleg video copies are not included here.  Blu-rays are also listed, as well as availability on Amazon Video (streaming).  Some titles are available for streaming from other sources such as Netflix; details on availability are not provided here.

Also, be sure to visit our Video Clips page to view short clips, as well as a few TV programs and films in their entirety, and to find links to Jeff's work found elsewhere online!

TITLE ON DVD?  (Some are out of print; see the note above) ON BLU-RAY? ON VHS? (All are out of print; see the note above)
NTSC (Region 1)? PAL
(Region 2)?
Region A (U.S.) unless otherwise noted NTSC? PAL?
Belles on Their Toes yes
yes no no no
Brainstorm yes - Region-free, also on Amazon Video no no no no
Call Me Mister (cameo role) yes no no no no
The Christmas Kid no no no yes yes
Custer of the West yes yes yes; also Region B, as Custer l'homme de l'Ouest yes yes
Dimension 5 yes no yes no no
Dreamboat yes, Region-free no no no no
Find a Place to Die yes, Region-free yes no yes yes
The Frogmen yes yes no no no
Fourteen Hours (aka 14 Hours) yes yes, as 14 Horas no no no
Gold for the Caesars yes, Region-free no no no no
The Great Locomotive Chase yes, also on Amazon Video yes no yes no
A Guide for the Married Man (cameo role) yes yes no yes no
Gun for a Coward yes yes, as Una Pistola Para Un Cobarde Region B only, as Una Pistola Para Un Cobarde no no
Hell to Eternity yes, also on Amazon Video yes, as Desde El Infierno A La Eternidad no yes no
In Love and War yes, Region-free yes, as Amor Y Guerra no no no
Julius Caesar yes, also on Fandor on Amazon (streaming) no no no no
King of Kings yes, also on Amazon Video yes, as
 Rey De Reyes and other titles
yes; also Region B yes yes
A Kiss Before Dying yes, also on Amazon Video yes yes; also Region-free as Uno Beso Antes De Morir yes no
The Last Hurrah yes (both Region 1 and Region-Free available), also on Amazon Video yes, also on Amazon Video no yes yes
The Longest Day yes, also on Amazon V yes, also on Amazon Video yes yes yes
Lure of the Wilderness yes, Region-free yes, Region-free, as Un Grito En El Pantano no no no
The Man from Galveston yes, Region-free yes, as Il Codice Della Pistola no no no
Man-Trap yes, also on Amazon Video no yes no no
Murieta! no Region-free, as Joaquín Murrieta Region-free, as Joaquin Murrieta no no
No Man Is An Island yes yes, also as L'Aigle de Guam no yes no
Princess of the Nile yes, Region-free yes no no no
The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell yes no no yes no
The Proud Ones yes; also on Amazon Video yes, multiple releases with different titles no no no
Red Skies of Montana yes
(available from amazon.com and other sites, manufactured on demand on DVD-R) 
yes,  multiple releases with different titles no no no
Sailor of the King yes yes Region B, there may be Region-free copies available no no
The Searchers yes, also on Amazon Video yes, also on Amazon Video yes, Region-free yes yes
Sergeant Rutledge yes
 (Released as part of the John Ford Film Collection but available singly on Amazon.com and sometimes on eBay)
yes, as El Sargento Negro no yes yes
Seven Angry Men yes, Region-free no no no no
Seven Cities of Gold no, but available on Amazon Video (HD quality, for supported devices only) no no yes no
Super Colt 38 no no no yes; Spanish soundtrack only, hard to find! no
The True Story of Jesse James yes, also on STARZ on Amazon (streaming) yes, also as Le Brigand bien-aime Region B only, as La Verdadera Historia De Jesse James no no
Three Young Texans no yes, as Tres Jóvenes De Texas no no no
¡Viva America! no no no no no
White Feather yes yes, multiple releases with different titles Region B only, as Die Weisse Feder no no
A Witch Without a Broom no no no yes no

 This Is Your Life - The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1 (DVD Boxed Set) (contains Jeff's brief 1953 appearance on the program honoring Hanna Bloch Kohner, a friend of Jeff's)
 Combat! Season 1, Campaign 1 (1962) DVD Boxed Set (contains "Lost Sheep, Lost Shepherd" episode)
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (L'Ora Di Alfred Hitchcock), Series 1, Vol 2 (1962) DVD Boxed Set in PAL format ONLY, released in Italy (contains "Don't Look Behind You" episode)
Checkmate - The Complete Series (DVD Boxed Set) (contains the 1962 "Waiting for Jocko" episode)
Star Trek - The Original Series, Vol. 8, Episode 16: The Menagerie, Parts I & II (DVD)
Star Trek - The Original Series, The Cage (On VHS and Vol. 40 DVD), also:
Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 3 (Two different versions:  a DVD Boxed Set, and a Blu-Ray Boxed Set), The Cage
Daniel Boone: Season 3 DVD Boxed Set (contains "Requiem For Craw Greene" episode, 1966)
The F.B.I.  Season 1 DVD Set (contains "The Monster" episode, 1965) and Season 4 DVD Set (contains "The Enemies" episode, 1968)

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Jeff had four sons (no daughters): Christopher (with his first wife, Barbara Rush), Todd and Scott (with his second wife, Dusty Bartlett), and Steele (adopted), Dusty's son from her first marriage.
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