A Tribute to Jeffrey Hunter

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Jeffrey Hunter portrayed Christ in this classic film
Jeffrey Hunter co-starred with John Wayne in this popular John Ford film
Jeffrey Hunter portrayed Captain Christopher Pike in the early days of Star Trek

Quote from Jeff:
"I was told I had arrived when, during the filming of The Searchers, they gave me almost as much ammunition as they gave John Wayne."

Jeff's friend Robert Wagner also sought the role of Martin Pawley, without success.


(Martin Pawley)  Jeff has his best role of the decade in John Ford's classic western. With a Confederate veteran (John Wayne), he embarks on a five-year search for Wayne's niece (Natalie Wood), who had been abducted by Comanche Indians. Also starring Vera Miles, Ward Bond, Harry Carey Jr., and Patrick Wayne, John Wayne's son.
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The well-known Buddy Holly song "That'll Be the Day" was inspired by Wayne's frequent "That'll be the day!"s in The Searchers.
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