A Tribute to Jeffrey Hunter

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Jeffrey Hunter portrayed Christ in this classic film
Jeffrey Hunter co-starred with John Wayne in this popular John Ford film
Jeffrey Hunter portrayed Captain Christopher Pike in the early days of Star Trek

There just aren't that many Jesus roles around.

I was warned not to do it. Actors who play Jesus are supposed to have a hard time getting other roles to follow, but I felt this was a myth. After all, how can you be typecast as Christ?

      Jeffrey Hunter


Pretend that you have in your hands (or in this case, on your computer screen) the treasured scrapbook of a Jeffrey Hunter fan (you?), who carefully clipped photos and articles about Jeff from magazines and newspapers, and lovingly pasted them into the scrapbook, to be visited again and again. Browse through these photos and other clippings below, and take yourself back to the 1950's or 1960's, when fans could watch Jeff in new movies on the big screen, or in the latest programs on TV....

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More Clippings (in PDF format):

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   Six-page excerpt from the Guest Section, featuring Jeffrey Hunter
(The Bob Arthur Fan Club Magazine, December, 1952)  Bob Arthur played Frank Gilbreth in Belles on Their Toes.

   Now and Then 
(1953 Photoplay Annual. Photoplay's Now and Then feature compared the stars of 1953 with stars of yesteryear. In this excerpt, Jeffrey Hunter was compared with Richard Barthelmess.)
   Feature Color Photo with Caption
(Photoplay January 1953)
   Inside Stuff: Cal York's Gossip of Hollywood excerpt
(Photoplay October 1953. Full-page color photo of Jeff and Barbara, with caption) 

1954 (Newspaper clippings):
   Clipping With Caption
(New Orleans Times - Picayune Mar 24, 1954)
   Two Young Stars of Films Descend on New Orleans
(New Orleans Times - Picayune Mar 28, 1954)
   Jeff Hunters Plan Divorce
(The Milwaukee Journal Sept 22, 1954)


   Hollywood's Unhappy "Bachelors" excerpt
(Movie Spotlight June 1955, photo and mini-article)
   Hollywood's Most Wanted Men first page
(Movieland September 1955)

   Courtly Jeff Hunter, an excerpt from a longer article
(Movieland May 1956)
   Who Is Hollywood's Most Exciting Bachelor? first page
(Movie Stars Parade August 1956)

   Rising in the Spotlight excerpt about Jeffrey Hunter
(1957 Photoplay Annual)


   For Jeff Hunter, Divorce Changed Everything
(Movie Stars Closeups March 1959)

  Top Performances of 1961: Jeffrey Hunter photo and caption (Modern Screen's Hollywood Yearbook 1961)


   At Home on the Range photo and caption (1964 TV Radio Annual)

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In the autumn of 1957, Jeff fell seriously ill with hepatitis after one day of shooting on a film with the working title, If I Should Die. He was replaced by George Nader in the lead role. The film was released as Appointment with a Shadow in 1958.
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