A Tribute to Jeffrey Hunter

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Jeffrey Hunter portrayed Christ in this classic film
Jeffrey Hunter co-starred with John Wayne in this popular John Ford film
Jeffrey Hunter portrayed Captain Christopher Pike in the early days of Star Trek

Look closely at the poster to the left (click on it to see it larger), and you will notice that "Mike Marshall" is credited after Pascale Petit; however, Jeff is shown on the poster, and there is no Mike Marshall in the film! One of life's great mysteries.


(Count Enrico)  In this German film, Jeff plays an Italian Don Juan drawn into the adventures of the beautiful innkeeper Susan, now leader of an acting troupe, who travels to Italy and uses her feminine wiles to undo an assassination plot against Napoleon. Co-starring Pascale Petit and Terry Torday.
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Pascale Petit also worked with Jeff in Find a Place to Die (1968).
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